New Year New You


Mariah Carey just rebounded from her disastrous 2017 New Year’s Eve performance with a great one this year BUT she trended for a totally unrelated thing -- tea.

She asked for tea before she performed, and a hot one at that. She didn’t get her cuppa, but you can!

Before we delve into our tiny New Year gift for you (more on that toward the end so we ask for a little patience!), let’s first read on some benefits and tea anecdotes that help change perspectives.


It changed our perception of Mariah in just one fell swoop, but tea has been fundamental in many other changes throughout the hundreds of years since it was first discovered.

In China, it was part of things anyone must not live without daily or their daily essentials. Tea has been part of history and the most popular incident is one that happened within US borders -- the infamous Boston Tea Party in an act of defiance to Great Britain’s burdening tea taxation to its colonies in the America. This is the final spark that created the American Revolution that produced the USA we know today.

In recent times, tea companies have helped back as much as they could. One such company is Tea Leaf Trust from India and Tea Collection both helping charities throughout the world for various commitments to education and the youth.


While tea has changed many lives one sip at a time, it can change yours too with its many health benefits.

In a study in 2014 green tea can help boost brain power. This is probably also the reason why monks prefer tea before going to long bouts of meditation as the drink provides them relaxation without drowsiness. Your brain loves tea so much that tea can help mitigate fatigue, improve memory and cognitive alertness, prevent cognitive dysfunction, and help increase your reaction time.

That’s just the brain ladies! Tea drinking can even help you enhance your moods as it can be anti-depressive.

And because we’re feeling really generous, here’s more benefits to overwhelm you to say YES to tea:

  • Prevents blindness
  • Lower risk for stroke
  • Reduced risk of dementia
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Anti-allergies

And for whatever intents and purposes, still the best way to make and consume tea is definitely hot tea! You don’t just enjoy great aroma and flavors, you also help retain more antioxidants at room temperature which makes sure all the said benefits above are met and provided.

Excited? Hold on for a bit more and we’ve got one more gift for you to kick January right. Read on!


And to kickstart 2018 with your goals, aspirations, and resolutions, get our printable monthly guide card here.

You can do with it whatever you want as long as you make it part of the progress in a journey you will partake towards betterment of self while you drink tea, daily.

We hope you all enjoy your 2018 and we can’t wait to meet your better 2.0 version in 2019!!!

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