• What is the benefit of using Teatox Detox? 

Our teas taste good bordering awesome and made from all natural ingredients carefully crafted together so when taken together, can provide the results every detox lover deserves.

Teatox Detox tea products are made to help facilitate better digestion and metabolism, to suppress the appetite and at the same time raise your energy naturally. It helps cleanse the toxins out of our internal organs and our customers have found satisfactory results using our detox products while incorporating it to their daily routine of healthy eating and physical exercise.




All Teatox Detox products are made from natural ingredients but no two persons are alike so each individual may get differing results as their bodies react to the ingredients in the tea. Kindly check if you are allergic to any of the ingredients inside our products.


  • How do I prepare Teatox Detox teas?

Immerse tea bag into boiling water and let it sit there for 3 minutes to allow all the flavours and herbal ingredients to infuse into the water fully.

All Teatox Detox tea formulations are safe to be consumed 3 months without a break. But we do recommend taking a 2 week break after 3 months, because your body can develop a tolerance to it and you may not experience the same results. You can certainly hop back to it after 14 days of break.


  • What are the main ingredients?

Organic Green tea leaves - An excellent source of antioxidants and known to improve brain function. Effective fat burner, that can help overall health. Regular intake of organic gt can help reduce risk of certain diseases.

Oolong tea leaves - This tea ingredient is used since the ancient times. Besides its efficacy for weight loss, it's known to aid in reducing chronic health conditions and alleviate effects of stress on the body. Oolong can also slow down your aging process.

Organic Rooibos - This non-caffeine ingredient can prevent stomach aches. Organic Rooibos is known for it's anti aging properties too.

Ginger - Is a natural healing agent. It can relieve muscle pain and soreness in the body. Plus, potent in lowering blood sugar levels, and improving brain function.

Pomegranate - It's anti inflammatory effects is beneficial to the body. Pomegranate is believe to be effective in fighting cancer cells, help in improving memory, and aid in maintaining normal blood levels. Including this in your regular diet can help strengthen joints.

Papaya- Truly a wonder fruit, papaya is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties for maintaining healthy skin. It can prevent serious conditions such as, asthma, diabetes, and even cancer.

Dandelion Leaf- A critical ingredient for detox. Dandelion cleans and purifies the liver for a natural cleanse.

Peppermint - Besides preventing nausea and eliminating bad breath, peppermint is effective for weight loss. It can help in improving digestion and boosting the immune system, making it an important ingredient for a natural detox.

Stevia - It's not just the healthiest sugar substitute with 0 calorie, this natural sweetener can also help regulate metabolism. Since it gets absorbed in the liver quickly, it can give you a comfortable and natural weigth loss experience.


  • Where do you source your tea ingredients? 

All Teatox Detox products are carefully made in China where organic tea growers originally came from. Our teas are crafted from where they are sourced from what ingredients are included to how it's handpicked and packed for you to enjoy.


  • Should I consult a doctor before using this?

Our products are 100% natural and organic helping boost metabolism and overall wellness but we highly recommend prior physician consultations if you are under any of the following criteria:

- Pregnant or breastfeeding

- Taking prescription medications including contraception

- Have recurring or preexisting medical conditions especially digestive tract problems


  • Do I need to exercise while taking Teatox Detox?

While we promote healthy eating while you consume our Teatox Detox teas, most of the health benefits mentioned above such as weight loss and increased metabolism can be better enhanced if you also also activate in daily physical activities. Exercising on a regular basis daily or 5 times a week will make your results more noticeable!


  • Should I use the tea after prescribed period?

Teatox Detox teas are consumable for 4 years/forever but it's best to consume fresh right after opening each sealed pack. Should you wish to hold off on drinking tea for some time, we suggest that you place it in the freezer (with the resealable pack) to maintain its freshness.


  • Other health concerns

We encourage you to stay hydrated while doing teatox detox program so drink plenty of water.

For coffee lovers, it is highly recommended that you take a break from coffee drinking while you undergo detox. In exchange, we promise you that our teas will help rejuvenate your body with so much energy you won't even think of coffee any longer!

For those asking whether you can mix your Teatox Detox products with other ingredients such as fruits and vegetables then the answer is DEFINITELY YES! We urge you to be creative when it comes to mixtures as long as you use whole, natural ingredients. It helps you create a more personal experience while enhancing the natural flavors of our product. You can even share this new found recipe to your diet and exercise buddies!


  • Shipping info and policy (duration, address, coverage, costs US & international)

All orders are processed within 24 hours and shipped same day provided they are received prior 1pm (GMT). We follow these scheduled delivery times:

UK 1-3 working days

Europe 3-7 working days

Outside Europe up to 14 days depending on destination

We deliver WORLDWIDE. 

Currently, we only accept Paypal and major credit/debit cards for payment.


  • Shipping issues (delays, customer contact, incorrect products)

If you ordered and did not automatically receive a tracking number after 24 hours via your registered email, kindly message our support on hello@teatoxdetox.co.uk so we can provide it you manually.

International orders (outside UK and EU) still go through customs and there may be some unfortunate circumstances that arise making delays inevitable. So we highly encourage you to please be patient with your orders -- they're still on its way to YOU! Email hello@teatoxdetox.co.uk for all delayed shipping concerns. We will get back to you within 24 hours.


  • Return/Refund/Cancellation policy

All orders are processed within 24 hours after we receive them so cancellation notices must be sent to hello@teatoxdetox.co.uk within two hours after you ordered.

We have a 12 day notice allowance for all compromised orders so we can process reshipment or refunds. We would however require proof that the product has been compromised through pictures as evidence.

You can return the product to us unsealed for a full refund. However we cannot process refunds in case of failed delivery attempts due to incorrect address provided by customers.

Returns are allowed up to 30 days with full refund should you change your mind or have not seen results after intake. Our warehouse address is: (Address with postal code in the UK)