Our Story

Where It All Began

With tea. It is our common ground. We believe that tea drinking can help people gain healthier lives as a lifestyle choice. And we've barely started scratching above the ground with our current tea product offerings. 

Teatox Detox will strive to promote healthy lifestyles and the LOVE FOR THE HUMBLE LEAF. We want to help you discover manageable ways to get a healthier lifestyle despite an all day busy schedule at work or school. Let us ALL UNITE for a healthy tea drinking revolution!


A Promise of Excellent Quality

Teatox Detox will deliver only the best. We carefully crafted our tea from where our teas are sourced, to what ingredients to include up to how it's handpicked and packed for you to enjoy.


Tealiciously Healthy!

  • Our teas contain NO caffeine
  • Rich in antioxidants for improved brain function and helps reduce risk for certain diseases
  • Helps improve your digestion and prevent stomach aches
  • No sugar. Contains a natural sweetener (Stevia), which gets absorbed quicker by the liver
  • Delays aging process
  • Helps improve your metabolism
  • Reduce chronic stress on the body