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Night Rejuvenation Teatox
Night Rejuvenation Teatox Night Rejuvenation Teatox
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Night Rejuvenation Teatox

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After powering through the day, your body deserve proper nourishment. Reward your body with much needed TLC at night with the Night Rejuvenation Teatox.

During the day, your body is exposed to free radicals. Nighttime is best time to help your body recuperate by flushing out unnatural and harmful toxins. With the combination of the right nutrients and herbal ingredients you can heal your body overnight. Achieve this with Night Rejuvenation Teatox, it is the best way to rebuild your physical health and reverse the effects of stress and aging.

Take this every evening and wake up feeling your best the next day - every time! For best results combine this with a healthy balanced diet.

Combined with our Morning Rise Teatox for optimum results.

What's inside?
You will find 14 tea packets. Enjoy the Night Rejuvenation Teatox continually for 14 days to flush out toxins, regulate your metabolism and improve your sleeping habits.

  • Senna Leaf - A natural laxative that can naturally help clear skin of impurities and promote healthy hair growth.
  • Psyllium - Effective for healthy weight loss and relieving constipation. Psyllium is amazing at flushing out toxins and providing for a natural cleanse.
  • Chamomile - With its calming effect, chamomile can aid in deep sleep. Getting enough sleep on a regular basis is critical to boosts immune system and fight the effects of stress in the body.
  • Dandelion Leaf - A critical ingredient for detox. Dandelion cleans and purifies the liver for a natural cleanse.
  • Stevia - It's not just the healthiest sugar substitute with 0 calorie, this natural sweetener can also help regulate metabolism. Since it gets absorbed in the liver quickly, it can give you a comfortable and natural weigthloss experience.
  • Pomegranate - It's anti inflammatory effects is beneficial to the body. Pomegranate is believe to be effective in fighting cancer cells, help in improving memory, and aid in maintaining normal blood levels. Including this in your regular diet can help strengthen joints.
  • Papaya - Truly a wonder fruit, papaya is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties for maintaining healthy skin. It can prevent serious conditions such as, asthma, diabetes, and even cancer. 
  • Peppermint -  Besides preventing nausea and eliminating bad breath, peppermint is effective for weight loss. It can help in improving digestion and boosting the immune system, making it an important ingredient for a natural detox.
  • Ginger - Is a natural healing agent. It can relieve muscle pain and soreness in the body. Plus, potent in lowering blood sugar levels, and improving brain function.

Immerse tea bag into boiling water and let it sit there for 3 minutes to allow all the flavours and herbal ingredients to infuse into the water fully.

All Teatox Detox tea formulations are safe to be consumed 3 months without a break. But we do recommend taking a 2 week break after 3 months, because your body can develop a tolerance to it and you may not experience the same results. You can certainly hop back to it after 14 days of break.

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